Data Mining

  • Many Big and Small Businesses worldwide outsource their work to IT-Providers in order to save expenses and overheads. We provide various IT services including (but not limited to) Data Mining, Data Conversion, Data Capturing, Data Cleansing, Data Extraction, just to name a few. With best and affordable prices and great quality, Buli Trade is one of the best service providers in Data Mining (sometimes called data or Knowledge discovery).
  • Data Mining, in short, is the process by which data from different perspectives and sources is summarized into useful information and this information can be used to increase revenue, cut costs or both. With our cutting edge technologies, we have been successfully mining or discovering data based on market research reports for years. Our accuracy is of world standard and we have been doing it for more than years.
  • Data mining is used by consumer focus companies like finance, retail, marketing and communications. It helps determine the relation between important internal as well as external factors such as price, staff skills, product positioning, consumer demographics and competition. It also helps determine the impact on sales, customer satisfaction and corporate profits. The data obtained from Data mining is also used to prepare sales, create PR (Public Relation) and Marketing campaigns, accessing purchasing habits of people and so on.
  • Collecting Data from various sources either manually or by our automated processes.
  • Running customized algorithms and scripts for mining large volume of data to save time and money.
  • Creating mailing-lists in Spreadsheet or database format from the obtained data for various advertisements, PR and marketing campaigns.
  • Exporting the data into desired formats like Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Access etc.
  • Populating CMS’s (Content Management Systems) with information about products or catalogues.
  • Checking and updating information periodically for e-commerce requirements.